Locks of Love

Salon Simpatico – Bozeman Hair Salon

Donate Your Hair to a Good Cause

We love helping you donate your hair to a good cause! We take care of all the details for you, too. When you come in, we have you fill out a donation form, and we mail your hair to Locks of Love after your donated braid has dried, once we have accumulated enough braids to fill a small box for shipment. As for the cutting itself, Locks of Love requires a minimum of 10″.

We donate to Locks of Love because they don’t just mass produce wigs and make them available to a general child population of cancer sufferers. They create custom wigs and hair pieces on demand for children with a variety of hair-loss disorders, not limited to loss from chemotherapy–there are many medical disorders that lead to partial or total hair loss. Locks of Love commits to providing a new custom hair piece every two years throughout the life of the child, as their head shape changes with age. Any surplus in hair donations is sold to wig companies, and the proceeds go toward research into potential cures for and prevention of many of the medical disorders that cause hair loss.

As for the actual service, we do not provide a free haircut in order to accommodate your donation, but we do take care of the paperwork, the shipping, and making sure your hair donation meets the Locks of Love requirements so your donation will be accepted and used. We will not lie to you and tell you that your hair donation will work if it will not, because that’s dishonest, disappointing, and will result in your hair donation being rejected by Locks of Love. Locks of Love has the most stringent requirements for donations, because of its commitment to providing custom hair pieces for each and every child in its program. They are the only ones who do provide custom hair pieces–all the others simply make wigs in standard sizes that are distributed on demand. Every Locks of Love recipient gets a custom hair piece made specifically for them.

Once we have worked out that your hair donation fits their guidelines, we shampoo and condition your hair, braid it at the length that you are having it cut to, with a pony-tail holder securing the top and bottom part of the braid, and then we cut the braid that you are donating off about 1/2″ to 1″ above the top pony-tail holder (depending on the thickness of your hair). After we have removed the braid, we store it out in the open on our work station for one week, along with your donation form, in order to allow it to fully dry before we put it in the mail–this keeps it from becoming moldy, mildewed, and unusable while in the mail. Then we cut your hair in the style of your choice, and blow style it for you.

After we have accumulated enough donations to ship, we send them off, and a few weeks later you get a thank you note from Locks of Love for your donation.

You can schedule a haircut online at http://www.salonsimpatico.com/schedule-now. You do not need to indicate that you are making a Locks of Love donation at the time you make the appointment. Just let us know when you get here.


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